When I first met both Lee Barry (Sales Director) & Adam Barry (Operations Director) at Polaris Distribution Ltd I was quite literally bowled over by the enthusiasm and sheer determination to ensure customer service is paramount and having now worked with Polaris Distribution Ltd in their UK wide Ad-Blue distribution for a little over a year, I'm amazed at the fact their core values have remained as strong as ever. Its a real breath of fresh air to work with professionals and would recommend The Polaris Group to any company in the need for true grass route business values.

Tony Dean - GreenChem Ad-Blue Solutions (Sales Manager)

I remember Polaris in their early days, some 3 years ago and I was impressed with the energy and want to make things work. Now, having grown 4 fold I can tell the Polaris Group are true to their commitment to value, quality and professionalism. I really think the sky is the limit for these guys.

John Bennett - Sharples Transport (Operations Manager)

Adam is a highly driven individual who has demonstrated an ability to continually drive his team through improvements within his group of companies. He brings fresh ideas and challenges to the status quo to ensure that both he and his team always deliver on their promise. His ability to convert a problem into a solution can only be due to extensive experience in the Logistics Sector.

Keny Wallace - Currie European (Operations manager)

“The Polaris method is a hard work attitude, dedication and the ability to focus on individuals who can quickly grasp the business. I asked Adam to take the lead on the Logistics operation at my manufacturing company at short notice. He quickly took control and brought the team on board with the Polaris mentality. He set a clear set of objectives, cut out wasteful activities and quickly established a more efficient and effective business. He does not shy away from the difficult issues and tackles everything with a passion and dedication that ensures the best outcome.
While Adam has worked extensively in Logistics, his skills in leading a diverse and disparate team, his analytical ability and his passion are certainly transferable to all he works alongside and he would be an asset to any organisation.
CEO (Declan Textiles) 

Jordan Connelly - Declan textiles UK

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